Playlist of The Kitchen Bang Bang Law, broadcast 25 Nov 14 on CKUT FM


First song

Thurston Moore: Speak to The Wild

First set

Scott Walker & Sunn (((O))): Soused
Jerusalem in my Heart: 10 / 11

Second set

Linton Kweisi Johnson: It No Funny / Sonny’s Letter
Sinead O’Connor: Black Boys on Mopeds
Spoek Mathambo: Grave
The Dub Rifles: Testify
Fun-da-mental: Dog Tribe
M.I.A.: Know It Ain’t Right
Blank Project: Dossier

Third set

Jjanice: Berceuse (remix)
Heptones: Children Dub
Gregory Isaacs: Material Man
The Rolling Stones: Memory Motel
Jimi Hendrix: Astro Man
Nanette Workman: Shame On You
Jesuslesfilles: Mort de fatigue
Jenny Hval: Mephisto in the Water
White Lung: Face Down
Grouper: Call Across Rooms
Art Bears: The Song of The Martyrs

Last song

Swamp Wolf: Moon Faced

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Playlist of The Kitchen Bang Bang Law, broadcast 18 Nov 14 on CKUT FM

Crass interior sleeve. Best Before 1984 (Crass Records, 1986)

First set – from the East Village Other LP

Plastic Clock Radio: Luci’s Wedding
Steve Weber: If I Had Half A Mind
Gerard Malanga and Ingrid Superstar: Gossip
The Velvet Underground: Noise
Marion Brown, Scott Holt and Ron Jackson: Jazz Improv
Allen Ginsberg and Peter Orlovsky: Mantras
Tuli Kupferberg, Viki Pollon, Peter Rawson: Love And Ashes
Ishmael Reed: The Free Lance Pall Bearers

Second set

Lou Reed: Kicks (KMET broadcast recording – live at the Roxy, L.A., 1976)
John Cale: Wall
Yoko Ono & Plastic Ono Band with Elephant’s Memory: Sisters, O Sisters
Mecca Normal: Women Were King
Josie Cotton: (Let’s Do) The Blackout
Perfect Pussy: VII
Crass: You’re Already Dead
White Lung: Snake Jaw

Third set

The Dub Rifles: No Town, No Country
Jjanice feat. Vox Sambou: Kamyonèt
Saxsyndrum: Maceonectar
Tops: Way To Be Loved
Lido Pimienta: Humano (Noise Is White remix)
Björk: Crystalline (Omar Souleyman remix)
Gregory Isaacs: Help Us Get Over
Edwin Starr: War (mono 7″)
Love & Rockets: Ball of Confusion (12″ U.S. remix)
US Girls: Overdrive
Christine Fellows: Call of the Wild

Last songs

Grouper: Made of Metal / Clearing

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Playlist of The Kitchen Bang Bang Law, broadcast 11 Nov 14 on CKUT FM

white lung

First song

Mecca Normal: Odele’s Bath

First set, part 1: from ESP Disks

Charlie Parker: East of the Sun & West of the Moon (broadcast performance)

Paul Bley Quintet: Barrage

Albert Ayler: Ghosts – First Variation

Norman Howard & Joe Phillips: Burn Baby Burn

Tsigoti: With A Mirror And A Magnifying Glass

First set, part 2

The Dub Rifles: Face Up! (live)

Art Bears: Democracy

Perfect Pussy: Advanced Upon The Real

Siouxsie & The Banshees: Jigsaw Feeling

White Lung: Down It Goes

Neil Young: Say Hello To Chicago

Björk: Virus (Hudson Mohawke peaches and guacamole remix)

Matangi: Lights

Second set

Janis Joplin: Winin’ Boy

Hazel Dickens & Alice Gerrard: When I Loved You

Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt & Emmylou Harris: Making Plans

Jose Menese: Cuando Llegara el Momento

Swamp Wolf: Swamp Dynasties

Random Order: Living On A Deadline

Lido Pimienta: Buena Persona (mock the zuma remix)

Fire Moss: Mars In Revolt – Engineer Los

Spoek Mathambo: Stuck Together

Last song

Angela Inglis: Prologue

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Notebook Entry 8 Nov 14


Just remembered a nice coincidence that occurred last week when I was walking to the book store. On Esplanade before Fairmont, I was crossing the street and, beside a tree, I noticed one of those cheap end tables – this one happened to be black – and I wondered why it had been put out on the curb. As I got closer, I saw it lacked a leg, and I spoke to it (sotto voce, hopefully!), saying, “Ah, you only have three legs!” I continued on to the sidewalk and looking up, I saw a woman walking her black, three-legged dog along Fairmont.

Playlist of The Kitchen Bang Bang Law, broadcast 4 Nov 14 on CKUT FM


First set

White Lung: Drown With The Monster

Alice Cooper: Still Got A Long Way To Go

Julian Cope: Safesurfer (BBC Session)

Second set

Human League: Don’t You Want Me (12″)

Buddy Holly: Not Fade Away (partial alternate overdub)

Ekome: Kpan Logo

Feathers (David Bowie, Hermione Farthingale & John Hutchinson): Ching-A-Ling

Mecca Normal: Maisy’s Death


Third set

Interview with poet Kaie Kellough, part 1

Kaie Kellough: hausmann’s ransom note

Interview with Kaie Kellough, part 2

Kaie Kellough: esion 2


Fourth set

Stefan Christoff and Sam Shalabi: Flying Street

Interview with musician Stefan Christoff

Stefan Christoff and Sam Shalabi: Elephantine

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Playlist of The Kitchen Bang Bang Law, broadcast 28 Oct 14 on CKUT FM

The Funding Drive Edition!!

Waves of Glory - Ondes de Gloire

Set 1

Leonard Cohen: There Is A War

Bob Dylan: A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall (Carnegie Hall 12 Apr 63)

Joni Mitchell: intro and Mr. Blue (The Second Fret 1966)


Set 2 – interview with Jean Smith of Mecca Normal

Mecca Normal: Normal

Interview segment 1

Mecca Normal: One Man’s Anger

Interview segment 2

Mecca Normal: Anguish / Misogyny

Mecca Normal: Naked and Ticklish

Set 3

Kaie Kellough: dedication to a tan nation

P.J. Harvey: The Desperate Kingdom of Love

Nile Rodgers: The Land of The Good Groove

The Dub Rifles: Stand

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Playlist of The Kitchen Bang Bang Law, broadcast 21 Oct 14 on CKUT FM

the dub rifles

First set

Van Morrison: You Don’t Pull No Punches, But You Can’t Push The River

Warm Wave: Touch These Velvet Dunes

Second set

St. Vincent: Chloe in the Afternoon

David Byrne and St. Vincent: Lazarus

Kaie Kellough: International Monetary Funk

Moe Clark: Butterfly Ashes

Emotions: How Can You Stop Loving Someone?

Quique Escamilla: Trio de Gracia

Third set

Fun-Da-Mental: Seize The Time

The Dub Rifles: Bomb Shakes The Dance Hall (live)

Spoek Mathambo: We Can Work (featuring Rebone)

Fourth set

Perfect Pussy: Dig

Crass: untitled (from Yes Sir, I Will!)

M.I.A.: Bring The Noize

Art Bears: Civilisation

Fifth set

Neneh Cherry: Out of the Black (featuring Robyn)

Mecca Normal: Wasn’t Said

Christine Fellows: On Trail

Okkervil River: Walking Without Frankie

Julian Cope: Space Hopper (BBC session)

Pet Sun: Feel Like I’m Going Away

Townes Van Zandt: untitled (demo, instrumental 1971)

Last song

Swamp Wolf: untitled (from Shipp Records)

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