The Art of Trespassing and the art of the Zine

I thought I should make mention of a couple of things that my creative endeavours touch upon … first, the delightful anthology The Art of Trespassing, edited by roving genius Anna Levanthal, includes my story ‘Set Up, Tear Down’, which is about a particularly gruelling stop on a small carnival’s summer tour through Northern Ontario. Here’s the gist from Invisible Publishing’s website:

“An anthology of new writers that sparkles with imagination, energy, and flashes of poetry. And perhaps most importantly, it’s an awfully fun read.”
Jonathan Goldstein, author of Lenny Bruce is Dead

The Art of Trespassing explores the systems and structures that frame our everyday lives. Contributors imagine networks, neighbourhoods and relationships, exposing them as both confining and liberating.

In Montreal, you can find the book at the Drawn & Quarterly store at 211 Bernard W., and the Concordia Co-op Bookstore at 2150 Bishop Street.

Check out the Invisible blog for more info and links to some reviews!

Meanwhile, a couple of my zine collaborations with Victoria Stanton are currently on display in Graphzines et autres publications d’artistes, a zine show at the groovy Grande bibliothèque. It’s in the National Collection archive, which means you also get to go through their security system to get in and see the show … our Drop Names zine is printed on an 18 by 24 inch sheet – xeroxed art on both sides – they’ve got it spread out (it’s folded like a map) in a display case all by itself. Quebec spoils her artists … Here is the blurb from the Biblio:

Conçus par des créateurs québécois – photographes, bédéistes, designers, infographistes ou illustrateurs –, les graphzines et autres publications d’artistes présentés dans le cadre de cette exposition dévoilent quelques-uns des grands courants actuels du domaine du livre d’artiste. Ces ouvrages résolument visuels pastichent des éléments empruntés au récit, à l’inventaire, à l’ouvrage scientifique et au catalogue, et portent un regard tantôt humoristique, tantôt critique sur la société d’aujourd’hui. Lesœuvres exposées illustrent la richesse du volet contemporain de la collection de 3000 livres d’artistes et ouvrages de bibliophilie de BAnQ. Le catalogue de l’exposition est en vente à la Boutique de la Grande Bibliothèque.
Graphzines et autres publications d’artistes,
Jusqu’au 1er février 2009
Collection nationale,
niveau 1

One comment

  1. lokidesign · November 24, 2008

    hey vince, don’t forget you’re also featured in the next issue of Four Minutes to Midnight! It’s going to be a doozy!

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