Much fun was had at this past weekend’s Expozine. Sitting to my left were intrepid hand-made book gurus Tammy and Fran, who taught me how to hand-bind my chapbooks with needle and thread. (I’d been having some difficulty with my long stapler, as the chapbooks were just a hair too thick for the staples to make it through!) We kept each other entertained with oranges, tea, much highbrow intellectual interchange and delicious Portugese bakery treats from across the park on St-Laurent. On my right was poet / writer / sick humour enthusiast Valerie, whom I hadn’t met before, although I’d seen her read on at least one occasion. She had something in her bag for any emergency, including tylenol for hangovers and a bandaid for me after I suffered a paper cut. (‘Work-related injury!’ I shouted, waving around my wounded hand, and after a dot of the red stuff showed, ‘Blood of the poet!!’) And parading before my little bit of table for two days were some of the most gorgeous members of the human species ever to walk this earth, up to and including poetry-of-film-maker Marijo (I just saw her sumptuous visual feast Sérénade – In Fragments at ImageNation this week) and Shawnda, who came by with her newest work, a chapbook of faithless proverbs called 2008-2009: The Year I Was A Burnt Marshmellow. This is the essence of the zine fair, the chance to meet tons of people, and maybe shift some home-made litero-musico units as well!

Speaking of which, Pistol Press and Invisible Publishing, who were both tabling at the fair, have launched a video-based online literary reading series, called The Kitchen Reading Series. I dragooned my videographer friend Victoria into doing a quickie with the iphotobooth program on her laptop, and the resulting video, ‘Tiny Kingdom’, is featured in the Kitchen Series’ first course. (The text was included in my Expozine freebie, 3 Poems (and a picture).) The rest of the line-up is Deanna Fong, Stacey May Fowles, Jp King, Anna Levanthal, Jeff Miller and Hillary Rexe.

Four Minutes to Midnight launched their tenth sumptuous feast of text, images, crazy collages and hyperdelic design savvy at Expozine. The Four Minutes posse were running a cosy table in one corner of the zine fair, where I also picked up a delightful hand-made mushroom card by Catherine, Under Control, a chapbook of confessions of a f(l)ailing radical educator, and John’s new CDR of poetry. Four Minutes to Midnight no. 10 is thick as a brick, and features a couple of pieces by myself, but don’t let that put you off! There’s also stuff by Hoda and Dima Adra, Emily Kai Bock, Ian Finch, Erica Ruth Kelly, Dita Kubin, Billy Mavreas, Maria Mavrig, F.A. Nettelbeck, Omen, Visualingual, and about a zillion more. Race out the door now, and run, run, run like a maniac all over town until you find a copy and then buy it!

Here are some pictures Tammy posted of her customers, and the general hurlyburly of Expozine.



  1. cat · December 1, 2008

    hiya vince,

    just wanted to say thanks for the purchase and mention. 🙂
    i’d have liked to pick something up from you but with all the madness… well, you know how it goes. do you sell them anywhere else?


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