FingerDog rocks da house.

In solidarity with all non-musicians everywhere who are trying to put hard-working musicians out of business (especially those musicians who have spent several years earning a degree in, say, jazz), FingerDog is launching a sudden, gnarly post-listenable CDR at Expozine!

The disc features droney clattery guitar excrescences produced under appallingly lo fi conditions last summer, mixed with even more egregiously badly-recorded vocal ditherings (some might call them ‘poems’) captured this week on a cheap cheap cheap cheap cheap old old old old old microphone plugged into a laptop. Recording conditions were so absurd, we had to use a sad pair of iPod headphones to check out our ‘mixes’ because traffic noise from outside was drowning out the powerful laptop speakers.

The results are, if anything, majestic.

You’ll find copies on sale at the Four Minutes to Midnight table at Expozine. You can also check out the ‘sounds’ of FingerDog at their rudimentary myspace page.


In related noisy news, the last few copies of the name no name mini-CD, featuring more of my grimy collaborative work, are on sale in the Casa Del Popolo’s distroboto machine. Just look for the sign of the four-leaf clover.

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