As part of the Nuit Blanche hoo-ha that’ll be gripping Montreal this weekend, I’m performing Saturday Night / Sunday Morning with FingerDog, a sound ensemble, backing up the Exquisite Voices of Four Minutes to Midnight (Kevin and Hillary). There’s also gonna be projections by Hoda.

Saturday, February 27, 2010 at 9:00pm to Sunday, February 28, 2010 at 6:00am

At Le Cagibi, 5490 Saint-Laurent (coin St-Viateur)

Dans le cadre du Festival Montréal en Lumière, des artistes de Montréal et d’ailleurs se réunissent au Cagibi pour vous présenter une nuit éclectique et pleine de surprises.

Au programme : musique expérimentale, projections vidéo, diaporama, installations interactives, et performances inusitées.

Artists from Montreal and beyond come together at Cagibi for an eclectic night full of surprises. On the program: experimental music, video projections, slide shows, interactive installations, and weird performance art.

* $$ GRATUIT / FREE $$ *


21h00 à minuit: music + projections Great Vowel Shift (Montreal) + projection: Matthew Reading Metis Yeti (Montreal) + projection: Vincent Charlebois intermission by Emily Kai Bock + Julia Thomas Nuthre (Victoria) + projection: Sarah Tracy Holzkopf (Saskatoon) + projection: Freida Abtan *

midnight – Rick Trembles (Montreal) The author of Motion Picture Purgatory weekly comic strip/movie reviews is giving a slideshow presentation.

00h40 – Alien Lentil: A ÷ L² = PP (outer space) Alien Lentil returns from the distant future once again. This time with a new interactive, life changing performance piece. Unleashing the superbrightwhitelight power of obscure zero dimensional psychedelic psychic formulae, Alien Lentil will make one of YOUR wishes come true.

01h00 – Insane Gown Posse (Montreal) This queer supergroup features Miss Swamp Pussy and collaborators. This will be their first performance and I’m willing to bet it’s going to be memorable.

01h45 – Fingerdog + Four Minutes to Midnight (Montreal) Experimental drones + spoken word.

02h15 – Stacey Ho (Toronto) Using party favours and dollar store finds, Stacey Ho facilitates the breathing of visitors to the Caigibi. This is a continuation of a series of exercises based on body movements, voluntary, involuntary, involuntary ——> voluntary, individual —–> intermingled, breathing, blinking, pulse, gesture, action, sound.

02h45 – Alien Lentil (encore)

03h05 – Gutstrings + Parlour Treats (Montreal)

03h35 – Fingerdog + Four Minutes to Midnight (encore)

04h05 – Total Gaze (Montreal) Total mystery.

04h35 – Stacey Ho (encore) (se termine vers 5h00) *****

SALLE À L’AVANT / FRONT ROOM Interactive Booths: *22h-23h, 00h-01h, 02h-03h (presentation & recording sessions) The Society for Preservation of Anachronistic Gesture *22h-02h Jessika Fancy- Fine Art Nail Painting *22h-02h Oliver Fugler- Tarot Readings for the Unconvinced Projections: *10h- 05h Sarah Pupo- installlation/animation *00h30-03h Jasa Baka, Julia Thomas & Sarah Tracy- living window display/mind’s eye laboratory *When he feels like it h Jean Claude Van Damme- clips cuts All Night Installations: *Liz Ramsden- hibernation cave art installation *Jessica Reina Rainville- plant art engulfing washroom installation *Roving Party Machine- free sugar high all night’r self serve slush & DJs

(ouvert toute la nuit)


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