MODIS/Aqua satellite image taken June 26, 2010

“On a carousel …”

– The Hollies, 1967

It’s difficult
When the beloved one
Would rather cleave to a machine
Than to you
When the beloved one

Nature is chaos
Oil boils from a pipe
Deep beneath the sea
Follows its oily logic
It didn’t ask to be unleashed
That was us
We, of the infinite hubris

Fractals unfold
Animals by the billions die
From space
A spreading stain

I did not ask for this

I never asked for this

One glimpse of a landscape
I dreamed into a drawing
Many years ago

Erect stone phallus
Rears up against
An ocean view

Did that standing stone
Ever pollute
The beloved sea

Did that standing stone
In a thousand years and more
Ever hate quite so thoroughly

Fences everywhere
The global mania for
Keeping out, keeping away
Keeping, keeping, keeping
Castle Keep, castle creep

O where is the beloved?

And so the children will thrown things
And try to take the fences down
Children are shot
On the Rio Grande
Or in the West Bank
For questioning the walls
The walls do not answer
The walls simply

Turn and turn forever seeking
Some way through
But every breach reveals
More walls
As the beloved
Eternally retreats toward
Heaven, infinity

I did not ask for this

I never asked for this

– 19 Jun 10 –

(read this at the Words and Music at the Casa fundraiser for the League of Canadian Poets on June 27)


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