Kaie Kellough and Fortner Anderson, two esteemed contributing editors to issue 1 of

January 18 witnessed the gala launch of, a new Canadian webzine devoted to all forms of Canadian literature in performance. As the managing editor, I encourage you to check out the site, and feel free to comment on or critique any of the articles you might read.

Here are the texts of a couple of new poems I read at the launch party:

Untitled 1 (props to Mr. Selman)

Our subtle power.
The comfort of contact made
The sense there is a project,
There is a community of purpose.

We cannot cry as we go,
We are by definition
A celebration.
Resolute, bold, loving.

Something I sense now as a possibility,
Something I can help with,
Something we all hoped for against hope,
Something of the beauty we all believe in,
Something light limning shapes still uncertain.

– 9 Jan 11 –

Untitled 2

Thunderous politics
The Egyptian lion roars
Waking to every doubt, every fear, every worry
Dusty square, milling crowds
Wanting the cold blood of the lizard
To withstand the shock of
All the worst of the human circus
Threats and clubs and guns and jails
And closer to home
Just silence
Silence and the slow collapse
Of rickety relationships, loves and alliances.

As the grasping grasp after whatever as ever
I’m mailing a Sylvia Plath package
Using unstamped stamps from forgotten envelopes
Studies of suicide bombers are delivered
While all these desperate passions converge
In one great shout for freedom and democracy.
Their bright, bright moments
At this distance only dimly illuminate
Our own arctics, our slow icy progress
Toward something much more
Than the simple satisfaction
Of a single man’s obsession.

– 5 Feb 11 –


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