If you’ve ever been curious as to the source of my blog’s name, it’s a sample from this poem. I have just uploaded a new recording of the poem here.

Limits of individuals crashing on illimitable reality wreck of post post everything shores. Just no mind way here. Crooked gestures at nothing in particular, flabby thoughts or bone thin they come bubbling over the breakwaters. Jesus the times get interesting now. The obvious stop the open wide mystery for idiots on the go. I go you go we go. Go go go go going to a go go.

I’m already gone though often I wonder if another steely stab at the beast is better council. Not alone in the netherworld, a scrapyard of those who forget what it was they came here for. Jamais jamais jamais. Not a desire for anyone’s purpose but a purpose built for one. We dream as we fuck, we are not alone. There’s the destiny bandwagon, there’s the filthy underwear in the basket.

Not talking to you, just dredging the canal that flows between us. The soupy green stuff of night walks. Head cheese, whatever’s useless for making money goes on sale here. Make your best offer. What price will you pay for the resurrection of the dead? Did you see her move like luck or love or some other abstraction between the lines of the law? Did you ever know anything beyond the boredom of a suicide called ‘progress’?



One comment

  1. dream listener · March 29, 2012

    i go you go we all go go…
    nice work!

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