this show is history poster

Poster for my radio program in spring ’88 – the year CKUT went FM.

CKUT’s annual funding drive kicks off on October 24. I’m posting this blurb in the hope that you might consider pledging a few dollars to my radio show.

This year, CKUT celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary – it won its FM license and went on the air in November 1987. When CKUT launched in 1987, I was doing a show called In From The Cold, and in 1988 I had a theme program called This Show Is History. I have been on-air at CKUT every Tuesday from noon to 2 p.m. since 1995, spinning tunes and interviewing guests from the cultural communities of Montreal and beyond. I also devoted a year of my life to the CKUT library (back in the 1990s), and recently put in a couple of years on the Steering Committee (2009-2011).

I’ve always been proud to be part of a community that isn’t about making a profit. Instead, CKUT FM is about consciousness-raising, 24/7, 365 days a year, playing the music you love, carrying news and information you won’t hear anywhere else – on the topic of social justice, human rights, environmental activism, gender equality, you name it. We do it all on a shoestring budget, so when we come calling for your help during our funding drive, you know we really need it.

My radio show, The Kitchen Bang Bang Law, is about cutting-edge culture. It’s about dreaming beyond the barriers of cynical ‘common sense’ through radical sonic art forms, be they the working blues of the 20s or the avante garde drone of today. I program thematic segments that span all genres and styles of music, breaking down boundaries and (hopefully) opening minds.

This year’s funding drive edition of The Kitchen Bang Bang Law will feature Jacob Wren.

Jacob Wren makes literature, performances and exhibitions. His books include Revenge Fantasies of the Politically Dispossessed (2010) and the upcoming novel Polyamorous Love Song, a finalist for the 2013 Fence Modern Prize in Prose. His performances, made collaboratively with other artists, engage with the struggle and paradox of ‘being oneself’ in a performance situation, with what it means to stand in front of an audience and speak honestly about the things one finds important, at the same time never afraid to show how vulnerable and nervous one might naturally feel in such a situation. As co-artistic director of Montreal-based interdisciplinary group PME-ART he has co-created the the ongoing HOSPITALITÉ / HOSPITALITY series (including: 1: The Title Is Constantly Changing (2007), 2: Gradually This Overview (2010), 3: Individualism Was A Mistake (2008) and 5: The DJ Who Gave Too Much Information (2011)) and their current project Every Song I’ve Ever Written (2013).


If you’ve ever listened to one of my shows, please consider pledging some cash during my funding drive radio show. It happens on October 29, from 12 to 2 p.m. Call the PLEDGE LINE during my show, 514-907-9424, and talk to the friendly people at CKUT.

OR consider pledging on-line. Go to and click on ‘make a pledge.’


Besides all the remarkable gifts available from CKUT for your pledge (which you can see here, for listeners of The Kitchen Bang Bang Law, I’m offering a couple of ‘exclusive’ gifts, as well as a special selection of vinyl LPs from this year’s crate-digging – all in good condition. Laurie Anderson, David Bowie, Kate Bush, Dead Kennedys, Mike Oldfield, Public Image Ltd. … something for everyone! (None of the LPs are current reissues, they’re all from back in the day.) I’ve also made a couple of CDR compilations of ultra-rare Jamaican reggae singles from the 70s, digitized just for you!

A super-special $50 gift certificate from S.W. Welch, the used book store on St-Viateur. Make a $50 pledge to my show and you can spend endless hours browsing the shelves for that special volume.

For a $25 pledge, you can own a copy of the Howl Arts LP родина (Rodina), by Sam Shalabi and Stefan Christoff.

CDR reggae compilation of singles crate-dug by the hands of Vince:

R.G. Phanta-Stick! (vintage Jamaican singles found at the Salvation Army store circa 1985): Max Romeo, Techniques All Stars, I Roy, Dillinger, Roy & Dillinger, Prince Jazzbo, Leroy Sibbles & The Heptones, Tafari All Stars, The Stingers, Upsetters, Johnnie Clarke, King Tubby & The Aggrovators, Jammy’s & King Tubby’s, Jimmy London, Impact All Stars, Sound Dimension, unknown artists

Lion Tone HiFi (vintage Jamaican singles found at the Salvation Army store circa 1985): Max Romeo, Techniques All Stars, I Roy, Prince Jazzbo, IM & Sound Dimension, The Beltones, Sil Bell, Mighty Two, Lloydie, Rue-Lloyd, U Roy, Bucky Marshall, Rockingtime All Stars, Big Joe, Augustus Pablo, Youth Rasemung, unknown artists


Vinyl LPs (and one CD) crate-dug by the hands of Vince:

Laurie Anderson: Big Science LP ($20.00 pledge)

Laurie Anderson: Home of the Brave LP ($20.00 pledge)

David Bowie: Scarey Monsters LP ($10.00 pledge)

Kate Bush: The Kick Inside LP ($15.00 pledge)

Kate Bush: Lionheart LP ($15.00 pledge)

Bryan Ferry: The Bride Stripped Bare LP ($10.00 pledge)

Rickie Lee Jones: Pirates LP ($10.00 pledge)

Klaus Nomi LP ($10.00 pledge)

Mike Oldfield: Tubular Bells LP – British pressing ($15.00 pledge)

Public Image Ltd: This Is Not A Love Song EP ($15.00 pledge)

New Order: Technique LP ($15.00 pledge)

Joni Mitchell: Hejira gatefold LP ($15.00 pledge)

Dead Kennedys: Too Drunk to Fuck b/w The Prey 12″ Single – British import ($20.00 pledge)

Human League: Crash gatefold LP still in shrinkwrap ($20.00 pledge)

Teardrop Explodes: Wilder LP ($15 pledge)

Miles Davis: Kind of Blue Columbia Legacy CD ($10.00 pledge)


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