Playlist of The Kitchen Bang Bang Law, broadcast 3 Jun 14 on CKUT FM.

hue elm valley kitchen 85

This week’s show was a tribute to my first radio co-host, the late, great Hugh, who passed away in May 1996. June 3 was his birthday.

This episode of Harsh Realities of the Random Generation was first broadcast on CKDU FM in Halifax, Nova Scotia on December 16, 1985. It was a theme show on the topic of ‘Radio’ – a meditation on our personal journeys into the world of campus-community radio, and our thoughts on the concept of Radio in general.

Set 1

Commentary by Vince.
The Velvet Underground: Rock and Roll.
Terry Jacks: Rock and Roll.
Austin Roberts: Rocky (from an aircheck).
High school era commentary by Keith.
Commentary by Vince and Hugh.

Set 2

Barrie radio aircheck, early ’70s.
Slade: Cum On Feel The Noize.
Commentary by Darren.
Sweet: Little Willie.
Vince’s high school era commentary and ‘Dear Mr. Cocaine’ ad.
Joni Mitchell: You Turn Me On, I’m A Radio.
Commentary by Vince and Hugh.

Set 3

Abba: Fernando.
Captain and Tenille: Muskrat Love.
Chicago: Saturday.
Carpenters: Sweet Sweet Smile.
Commentary by Vince and Hugh.

Set 4

Gordon Lightfoot: The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.
Commentary by Hugh.
Chilliwack: Arms of Mary.

Set 5

Commentary by Vince.
Elvis Costello: Radio Radio.
The Clash: Capitol Radio 1.
Commentary by Al Cole on CHRW FM, London, Ontario.
Commentary by Vince and Hugh.
Commentary by Reg.
Modern Lovers: Road Runner.
Commentary by Vince.
Promo for Neville Tweed’s show on CKDU FM.

Set 6

Skit – WCUP News Today.
Nina Hagen: Universal Radio.
CKDU promo (kid’s voices).
Commentary by Devo Dan.
The Ramones: Rock and Roll Radio.

Set 7

Commentary by Vince and Hugh.
Wall of Voodoo: Mexican Radio.
Commentary by Marsden on CFNY FM, Toronto.
Neil Young: Payola Blues.
The Blasters: Border Radio.
Queen: Radio Gaga / commentary and manipulation by Hugh and Vince.
Closing commentary by Hugh and Vince.

Last song:

David Bowie: DJ.



What about when your paintings change
From dead flat things into
Round bouncing babies gurgling and
Twinkling eyes and
The messages of power like freight trains
Hurtling full-scale, full-blown from
The ragged portals of the place of dreams?
And when the descending white dove
Whether of Aphrodite’s pure Love, or Christ’s
Holy spirit brushes the Absolut
Which is slowly inexplicably being blotted
Out, by a field of blankness?

Ads subject to subjective interpretations
Are finding no correction from this mind,
Observant, servant to the greater glory of
The now, the present which is
Forever unfolding,
The gift that unwraps itself.

Venus is looking through the window
Over your shoulder
As you play, forever, your guitar
And it might as well be now as forever
For ever as you play now, as you played
Before, as you’ll play again,
In a swirl of ragged windows into dreams
And these observant servants, offering, discarding
Each other, time and again –
See, it’s not so much what we think we’re doing
As it is, what we’re doing
Sitting, or walking, and looking unafraid
Into each others’ eyes …

To me, it’s not so much the game, the
Inexplicable rules of conduct
As it is the times when I sink
One ball, and then I sink a second
Just as if I knew exactly what I was doing
Where I was going
Just as if those two sunken balls
Had thought about those pockets
In terms of destiny.

– 4 Feb 93 –



One comment

  1. Emanuel · June 7, 2014

    Thank you for this, it was special hearing my dad’s voice.

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