Playlist of The Kitchen Bang Bang Law, broadcast 28 Oct 14 on CKUT FM

The Funding Drive Edition!!

Waves of Glory - Ondes de Gloire

Set 1

Leonard Cohen: There Is A War

Bob Dylan: A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall (Carnegie Hall 12 Apr 63)

Joni Mitchell: intro and Mr. Blue (The Second Fret 1966)


Set 2 – interview with Jean Smith of Mecca Normal

Mecca Normal: Normal

Interview segment 1

Mecca Normal: One Man’s Anger

Interview segment 2

Mecca Normal: Anguish / Misogyny

Mecca Normal: Naked and Ticklish

Set 3

Kaie Kellough: dedication to a tan nation

P.J. Harvey: The Desperate Kingdom of Love

Nile Rodgers: The Land of The Good Groove

The Dub Rifles: Stand

Find it here.

If you missed my funding drive show, have no fear, you can still pledge and get one of my exclusive gifts! Check out the list below.


A copy of Creole Continuum, the deluxe new LP by Kaie Kellough, with grateful thanks to the Howl Arts label for contributing it to my show. Released in September 2014, it features Kellough’s sound poetry, free jazz, and lettrism-inflected performances, backed by Jason Sharp, Brahja Waldman, Martin Heslop, Ted Strauss, Kim Zombik, Malcolm Mooney (of Can), Tanya Davis, and Luis ‘El Pana’ Tovar. ($25.00 pledge)

A t-shirt (black, size medium) featuring a design by David Lester of Mecca Normal, author of the graphic novel The Listener (arbeiter ring press). ($15.00 pledge)

Besides all the remarkable gifts available from CKUT for your pledge (which you can see here), for listeners of The Kitchen Bang Bang Law, I’m offering a special selection of vinyl LPs from this year’s crate-digging (all in good condition). Adam Ant, Evangelista, Rough Trade, Enos Slaughter, Dead Kennedys, Odetta, Sonic Youth … something for everyone! (None of the LPs are current reissues, they’re all original pressings from back in the day.)

Vinyl LPs (and two CDs) crate-dug by the hands of Vince:

Adam Ant: Friend or Foe LP ($10.00 pledge)
Laurie Anderson: Big Science LP ($20.00 pledge)
Laurie Anderson: Home of the Brave LP ($20.00 pledge)
David Bowie: Scarey Monsters LP ($10.00 pledge)
Kate Bush: The Kick Inside LP ($20.00 pledge)
Kate Bush: Lionheart LP ($20.00 pledge)
Dead Kennedys: Frankenchrist EP ($15.00 pledge)
Dead Kennedys: In God We Trust, Inc. EP ($15.00 pledge)
Evangelista: In Animal Tongue LP ($25.00 pledge)
Human League: Crash gatefold LP still in sealed shrinkwrap ($20.00 pledge)
Rickie Lee Jones: Pirates LP ($10.00 pledge)
Joni Mitchell: Hejira gatefold LP ($15.00 pledge)
New Order: Technique LP ($15.00 pledge)
Klaus Nomi LP ($10.00 pledge)
The Essential Odetta 2xLP ($20.00 pledge)
Public Image Ltd: This Is Not A Love Song EP ($15.00 pledge)
Rough Trade: Avoid Freud LP ($10.00 pledge)
Sonic Youth: Bad Moon Rising CD ($20.00 pledge)
Miles Davis: Kind of Blue Columbia Legacy CD ($10.00 pledge)

To pledge, click here.

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