Playlist of The Kitchen Bang Bang Law, broadcast 24 Mar 15 on CKUT FM


First set

The Geologist: Stretching Songs for Spring

Second set

Bette Midler: You Don’t Know Me
Ry Cooder: I’m A Fool For a Cigarette / Feeling Good
Yes: The Clap (Steve Howe)
Led Zeppelin: Braun-Yr•Aur
This Mortal Coil: You And Your Sister
Retsin: Carnival
Tara Jane O’Neil: Glow Now
Damon and Naomi: The Seeker
Noveller: Dark Heart (Glasslands 19 Apr 12)
Grimes: Be A Body
Mesak: Runopoika no. 1
Björk: Stonemilker
Xarah Dion: Le Fruit de Siam

Third set

Buddy Holly: Rave On
Flist: Fat Square
Death Grips: Feels Like a Wheel
David Byrne & St. Vincent: Outside Space and Time
Belle and Sebastian: The Power of Three
St. Vincent: I Prefer Your Love
Lower Dens: Stem
Siskyou: Nervous
Milk & Bone: Elephant
Eric Chenaux: Spring Has Been A Long Time Coming
Anamai: Abris
Michael Feuerstack: I Wanted More

Last song

Wu Tang Clan: Ruckus in B Minor
Find the podcast of this broadcast here.

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