Playlist of The Kitchen Bang Bang Law, broadcast 2 Jun 15 on CKUT FM

First set

God Speed You Black Emperor: Lamb’s Breath
Prince and the Revolution: Let’s Go Crazy (Special Dance Mix)

Second set

Interview with artist / educator Emily Rose Michaud
Stefan Christoff & Sam Shalabi: Flying Street
The Acorn: Palm Springs

Third set

Colin Stetson and Sara Neufeld: Won’t be a thing to become
Loscil: Bellows
Braids: Blondie
Find The Others: Night Owl
Robyn Hitchcock: Strange (live)

Fourth set

Syd Barrett: Wolfpack
Lou Reed: Looking In The Eyes Of Love
The Velvet Underground: Over You (Matrix November 26 / 27, 1969)
Violeta Parra: La pericona se ha muerto
Bob Dylan and The Band: Mary Lou I Love You Too
The Beach Boys: A Day In The Life of A Tree
Julian Cope: East Easy Rider
Rip, Rig and Panic: Constant Drudgery is Harmful to Soul, Spirit and Health
The Clash: Pressure Drop
Savages: Waiting For A Sign
Big Youth: Messiah Garvey (plus dub)
LoneLady: Nerve Up

Last song

Dark Matter: Undertow

Find the podcast of this broadcast here.


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