Playlist of The Kitchen Bang Bang Law, broadcast 14 Jul 15 on CKUT FM

syd barrett

First set

Syd Barrett: Rhamadan

Second set

Micachu: Ship
Autumn Stones: Time Is A River
Shelley Hirsch: Songs In My Head
Sea Oleena: Insomnia Plague
Julian Cope: Soldier Blue (skipping version / original version)
Nile Rodgers: Rock Bottom
Thee Satisfaction: Planet For Sale
Shabazz Palaces: They Came In Gold
Narcy: Savior Complex
Deathgrips: Billy, Not Really

Third set

Björk: Mouth Mantra
Busty and the Bass: The Real
Braids: Bunny Rose
LoneLady: If Not Now
Savages: She Will
Fountain: Upset Seashells
Bob Dylan & The Band: That’s The Breaks
Lou Reed: So In Love
Nick Drake: Parasite I (Hampstead, London 1968/69)
Robyn Hitchcock: Parasite
Tara Jane O’Neil: The Signal, Wind

Last song

Rebecca Foon: untitled (from Ne Pas Plier)

Find the podcast of this broadcast here.

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