Playlist of The Kitchen Bang Bang Law, broadcast 22 Mar 16 on CKUT FM

rough trade
First set

Marvin Gaye: Got To Give It Up
RickWhiteAlbum: Memoreaper

Second set

Dead Kennedys: Nazi Punks Fuck Off
Pigface: Suck
Rough Trade: What’s The Furor About The Fuhrer?
Chumbawamba: Enough Is Enough
Heaven 17: (We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thing
Savages: Sad Person
The Minutemen: Cut
You Say Party: 112
AroarA: 8
Deathgrips: Inanimate Sensation
Bob Wiseman: Baba Wyzmana
Thee Satisfaction: Recognition

Third set

Jacob Wren: One Million Panaceas
Voice Of Translator: Bird Song
The Beatles: Blackbird (demo)
The Talking Heads: Stay Hungry (live)
The Jam: Precious
Julian Cope: Las Vegas Basement
Flying Saucer Attack: Here Am I
The Stranglers: Skin Deep
Cabaret Voltaire: Animation
Wires Under Tension: Landscape Architecture

Last song

Sarah Neufeld: From Our Animal

Find the podcast of this broadcast here (go by the dates).


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