Playlist of The Kitchen Bang Bang Law, broadcast 18 Oct 16 on CKUT FM

First dream set

Suicide: Dream Baby Dream
Bob Wiseman: In Her Dream (feat. Mary Margaret O’Hara)

Second dream set

Gang of Four: We Live As We Dream, Alone
Band of Susans: Which Dream Came True (Peel Session 2 Jul 89)
Officious Little Students: Dreams
Three O’Clock Train: Train of Dreams (2015 version)
The Minutemen: Dream Told By Moto
Micachu & The Shapes: Dreams
Danielle Dax: Sleep Has No Property
Psychiatric Consultations no. 10: A Roche Record Report, with Dr. V.A. Krall, Dr. Frederick H. Lowy, Dr. K.I. Melville and Dr. C.A. Johnson: Somniloquy
Broadcast & The Focus Group: Make My Sleep His Song
Marc Almond: These Dreams Are Yours
VOT Archives: Morning Sounds
The Raincoats: Dreaming In The Past
Patsy Cline: Sweet Dreams

Third dream set

Everly Brothers: All I Have To Do Is Dream (Nashville session 1962)
Bunny Wailer: Dreamland
Joni Mitchell: Dreamland (Hissing of Summer Lawns demo)
Van Morrison: Call Me Up In Dreamland (take 10)
Thomas Dolby: Mulu The Rain Forest
Voice of Translator: Dream 31 Oct 97
Kate Bush: The Dreaming
Glenn Gould: Sad Beyond All Description (Glenn Gould: Off The Record, 1959)
New Order: In A Lonely Place (7″ single)
Sissy Spacek & Shelley Duvall: Dreams Can’t Hurt You (Three Women s/t)
Kris Kristofferson: Loving Her Was Easier Than Anything I’ll Ever Do Again

Last dream song

War Child: City of Dreams

Find the podcast of this broadcast here (go by the dates).


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