Playlist of The Kitchen Bang Bang Law, broadcast 3 Jan 17 on CKUT FM

First set

Dr. Hajime Murooka: Mother Sounds for the Newborn Baby
Móa: Memory Cloud (instrumental, j-majik mix)

Second set

Móa: Memory Cloud (vocal, j-majik mix)
Whisper Room: track 1
Loscil: Deceiver
Gary Numan & Tubeway Army: Replicas
Tasseomancy: Missoula
Strange Froots: The 3 Fates
Meredith Monk: Fractal Activity
Drunken Forest: Qianwei Sky
Harmonia ’76: Trace
Xiu Xiu: Sad Redux-O-Grapher
Ylang Ylang: And I do feel ajar, somehow

Third set

Jacob Wren: Happy Cancer
Elvis Costello: Pads, Paws and Claws
Violeta Parra: El ‘Albertio’
Robert Wyatt: 5 Black Notes and 1 White Note
Midnight Oil: Outside World
Holly Herndon: Locker Leak
MIA: Bird Song
Jenny Hval: Untamed Region
Hiss Tracts: Slowed Rugs
John Cale: Close Watch (2015)
Flying Saucer Attack: Past

Last song

Elephant Stone: Manipulator

Find the podcast of this broadcast here (go by the dates).


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