Playlist of The Kitchen Bang Bang Law, broadcast 2 May 17 on CKUT FM

hugo largo
First set

Laurie Anderson: The Mysterious ‘J’ / The Cultural Ambassador / Same Time Tomorrow

Second set

Style Council: Homebreakers
Philip Glass / Leonard Cohen: Want To Fly
Hugo Largo: Eureka
The Waterboys: The Big Music
Run The Jewels: Hey Kids (feat. Barry Brown)
Minor Threat: Minor Threat
Mecca Normal: His Own Madness
The Move: (Here We Go Round) The Lemon Tree
Micachu & The Shapes: Waiting
U.S. Girls: Down on Jackson
Elvis Costello: Less Than Zero (Peel Session 25 Aug 77)
World Party: All Come True
Avec le soleil sortant de sa bouche: Tourner incessamment dans l’éclatement euphorique de soi – Road Painting Ahead (pt. 5)

Third set

Saltland: The Other Place
Midnight Oil: The Power and The Passion
Galaxie 500: Them
Luyas: Fed to The Lions
Paley Brothers: Lovin’ Eyes Can’t Lie
Juan Serrano: Mantillas de Faria
Violeta Parra: Maldigo del Alto Cielo
Communism: Take Care of Each Other
Tracy Chapman: Freedom Now
Alex Ookpik: Trails

Last song

Joni Void: Song Sienne

Find the podcast of this broadcast here (go by the dates).


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