Playlist of a segment of DIY DJ special programming, broadcast 27 Sep 19 on CKUW FM

wpg climate strike 2

I thought it’d be nice to post my first ever campus-community radio broadcast here in Winnipeg. It’s a half-hour segment from the DIY DJ special programming. I’d been on the Strike for Climate Action march earlier in the day, so that was the theme of my set, with an emphasis on ‘musical elders’.

First set

Leonard Cohen: The Future
Laurie Anderson: Only An Expert
Joan Baez: Another World
Neil Young: Who’s Gonna Stand Up? (solo acoustic version)

Last song

Neil Young: Who’s Gonna Stand Up? (full orchestra version)


Download or listen to the podcast of this broadcast here.


Teen Age


The silver dragon ring.
The Eddy Match Tarot card matchbook covers.
The Mercury David Bowie albums
Cartoon mouth springing from comic book page.
The Smaug my mother painted.
The Conan book I found in the Petawawa Village general store.
The magic guardian spell with a broom in the woods
Wolves howling on 7″ vinyl
The mystic hand on Toni’s cardboard cassette cover
The moon. Just the moon in the sky.
A black dog’s expectant look by the river.

– 28 Nov 12 –

Two Halifax Poems


Sitting under a maple
tree in Cornwallis Park,
across from hotel, train
and bus station with
hours to go before I
board, last hours in

Tired, caffeinated, it’s
raining so I can’t really
wander. Not cool though
– a bit fresher but still
muggy like the whole
week here.

Much accomplished –
reconnected with Keith,
Reg, Sara, Darren. Saw
Colleen in Hantsport, her
busy beautiful work space.
Taped sounds, conversations,
walks, took multo
pictures – Goat Lake,
even – shocking how much
is arbitrarily torn down
in Halifax for trashy
apt / condo boxes,
downtown highrise crap.

I’m very sleepy here in
the wet rainy green park
but I’m dry under this
fine tree.

People in hfx are friendly.
Just random strangers
will talk to me here,

Found great poetry books
at Trident (used buddhist
bookstore), rekkids at Taz
(new locale, got the Q104
LP hoorah!)

Now it rains harder – I’m
moving to train station

1 ½ hrs to loading for
bus to mtl

Soft rain light in the
train station. Woman
behind me speaking an
oriental language. Blue-
nose model in window.
Tourists taking snaps.
Kiosks of dark wood

Foggy rainy – crazy humid
NS. Everyone talks about
the environment – I
mean guy in tourist
nicknack shack dep in
Mahone Bay does. No
capt pepper old salty
tho – Darren does have
that look about him
tho, as Keith noted.
Gnarled as an old Ent.

Loaded up on French toast
this morn, no wonder I’m
dead on my feet. Too
much up too late Inglorious
Basterds TV.

Get into mtl tomorrow
morning. My time sense
is shot. I left my
glasses in a Tim Horton’s
bathroom in Edmunston,
have to check on way
back, or else I gotta
buy a new pair (after
21 years or so!).

Very pregnant beauty
is the oriental speaker,
I think. No, different
person (she speaks now
on phone as I write.)

No Morses Tea.

Found Morses Tea in the
superstore next door.
Rain had stopped. I
wandered up to Inglis,
Found Schooner Books.
Not open Sunday but I
took a picture gleefully
(last frame, last roll.)

Now it’s infernally
hot / humid out, sun
shining balefully, it
feels / sounds like an
indoor swimming pool in
this train station.
So maybe back to the

– 19 Aug 12 –

Drift of fresh air through the
Doomed Spring Garden
Library reference room
windows – banjo plays and
I see the Folklore Centre
unchanged across the

A locked research room in
King’s Library, carefully
ordering and spreading
open and poring over fragile
pages of Halifax Today

Moments of silence are
rare in the zone of Keith’s
raw raw raw tone and yet
it’s the channel surfing
that finally makes me
lash out in trapped animal
despair and puzzled fury

Trolling ancient Schooner
shelves, where once I found
my sacred Kerouacs and
Henry Millers

Morning coffees on concrete
balcony seven storeys

Just go out there and

– 24 Jun 13 –

Playlist of The Kitchen Bang Bang Law, broadcast 30 Apr 19 on CKUT FM (Funding Drive edition)

Jean Smith Mecca Normal CKUT 30 apr 19

The Mecca Normal show featuring guests Jean Smith and David Lester

Mecca Normal: Are You Hungry? (BNW live concert 16 Apr 96)
Jean Smith: Interview segment no. 1
Mecca Normal: Don’t Shoot (BNW live concert 16 Apr 96)
Jean Smith & David Lester: Interview segment 2.
Mecca Normal: The Revival of Cruelty (BNW live concert 16 Apr 96)
Jean Smith & David Lester: Interview segment 3.
Mecca Normal: Hideous (BNW session 1993)

Last song

Mecca Normal: Alibi (BNW session 1993)

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David Lester Mecca Normal 30 apr 19



Playlist of The Kitchen Bang Bang Law, broadcast 23 Apr 19 on CKUT FM

vince victoria ckut by zachary kamel 23 apr 19

photo by Zachary Kamel

The ‘Post-Punk’ show featuring guest hosts Victoria and Zach

First set

Gary Numan: Are Friends Electric?
Per Ubu: Final Solution
Vince, Victoria, Zach: first conversation

Second set

Siouxsie & The Banshees: Christine
The Cure: 10:15 on a Saturday Night
Animal Slaves: Save Me From Ruin (Undergrowth ’84 version)
Condition: Mumbo Jumbo
Dub Rifles: No Town, No Country
The Fall: Pay Your Rates
Modern Lovers: Pablo Picasso
The Specials: Do The Dog
Television: Marquee Moon
Talking Heads: Warning Sign
The Slits: Newtown
Essential Logic: Rat Alley
Vince, Victoria, Zach: second conversation

Third set

Greg Sage & The Wipers: Nothing Left to Lose
Silicon Teens: State of Shock
The Normal: Warm Leatherette
Bolero Lava: Inevitable
Echo & The Bunnymen: Rescue
Killing Joke: Follow the Leaders
Au Pairs: America
Joy Division: Transmission
Vince, Victoria, Zach: third conversation

Last song

DEVO: Gut Feeling (Palace 12/9/88)


Download or listen to the podcast of this broadcast here (available for 6-8 weeks after broadcast date).

Playlist of The Kitchen Bang Bang Law, broadcast 16 Apr 19 on CKUT FM


First set

Hans Zimmer: The Coral Atoll
The Velvet Underground: Sweet Bonnie Brown (It’s Just Too Much) (Matrix Nov. ’69)

Second set

Neil Young: Mr. Soul (November 1976 tour)
This Mortal Coil: A Heart of Glass
Michael Feuerstack: Heavenly Bells
Deefhoof: Apple Bomb
Billy Bragg: Won’t Talk About It (July 1984)
The Faps: Groomsday pt. 1
Public Enemy: So Watcha Gone Do Now?
Björk: Declare Independence (Ghostdigital mix)
Did You Die: Channel Swimmer
Bikini Kill: Tony Randall
Jean Grae: Code Red (feat. Block McCloud and Pumpkinhead)
The Lytics: Things You Could Use

Third set

Buffy Sainte-Marie: My Country ’tis of Thy People You’re Dying
Wintersleep: Beneficiary
They Might Be Giants: Your Racist Friend
Northern Haze: Inuk
Yoko Ono w/ the Brother Brothers: Yes, I’m A Witch
The Clash: Lost in the Supermarket
David Bowie: Life On Mars? (Santa Monica ’72)
Run The Jewels: Early
Stephen Stills: Forty-Nine Reasons (demo 10 Jul 68)
Slapp Happy: Slow Moon’s Rose
Bob Dylan: She Belongs to Me (take 2, remake)
Robyn Hitchcock: Where Do You Go When You Die?

Last song

Light Conductor: Chapel of Snows


Download or listen to the podcast of this broadcast here (available for 6-8 weeks after broadcast date).

the kitchen bang bang law 2019 FUNDING DRIVE show is coming!

FD PosterCKUT FM ‘s annual funding drive starts on April 25! The station is looking forward to delivering the next 30 years of kick-ass radio. I’m hopeful that you might consider pledging a few dollars to my radio show, which airs on April 30 this year. It’s also going to be my last show on CKUT FM, as I will soon be piling all my stuff into a truck and moving to Winnipeg!

I’m proud to have been part of CKUT FM since its inception as an FM campus-community radio station in November 1987. When CKUT launched in 1987, I was doing a show called In From The Cold, and in 1988 I had a theme program called This Show Is History. I have been on-air at CKUT every Tuesday from noon to 2 p.m. since 1995, first on Victorious and Invincible (with intrepid co-host Victoria Stanton), then with my current show, spinning tunes and interviewing guests from the cultural communities of Montreal and beyond. I also devoted a year of my life to the CKUT library, organized a few fundraising events (back in the 1990s), put in a couple of years on the Steering Committee (2009-2011), pitched in with volunteer library work, contributed reviews to the music department blog and recently dug up a bunch of stuff for CKUT’s Time Capsule project …

I’ve always been proud to be part of a community that isn’t about making a profit. Instead, CKUT FM is about consciousness-raising, 24/7, 365 days a year. Playing the music you love, carrying news and information you won’t hear anywhere else – on the topic of social justice, human rights, environmental activism, gender equality, you name it. We do it all on a shoestring budget, so when we come calling for your help during our funding drive, you know we really need it.

My radio show, The Kitchen Bang Bang Law, has been about cutting-edge culture. It’s about dreaming beyond the barriers of cynical ‘common sense’ through radical sonic art forms, be they the working blues of the 20s or the avante garde drone of today. I program thematic segments that span all genres and styles of music, breaking down boundaries and (hopefully) opening minds.

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