It doesn’t matter
I could be doing anything
Writing anything
Reading anything
Watching anything
on TV or video

It doesn’t matter

When it comes –
Whatever I’m looking for
Whatever it is
The truth, god, an answer
I’ll know it.

– 6 Aug 2004


Playlist of The Kitchen Bang Bang Law, broadcast 6 Nov 18 on CKUT FM

gordon wray

The Scratchy Vinyl show

First set

Glenn Gould: French Suite no. 2 in C Minor.

Second set

Shriekback: Sexthinkone
John Cale: Fade Away Tomorrow
Anna Domino: Take That
Boz Scaggs: Lowdown
Singers & Players: Prodigal Son
Sistah Breeze: Mad Man
Men Without Hats: I Got the Message
Sarah MacLachlan: Vox
World Party: All I Really Want To Do
Timbuk 3: Cheap Black and White
Syd Straw: Sphinx
Elvis Costello: Black and White World
James Chance: Roving Eye
K.D. Lang: Rose Garden

Third set

That Petrol Emotion: Static
XTC: Life Begins at the Hop
The Shakers: In Time
Robert Gordon & Link Wray: Flying Saucers Rock and Roll
Dave Edmunds: Bail You Out
No Means No: Sex Mad
Mecca Normal: More More More
Billy Bragg: Lover’s Town Revisited
The Raincoats: Dreaming in the Past
Style Council: A Man of Great Promise
The Water Walk: Nothing Ever Came of It
Jane Siberry: Bound By the Beauty
Roger Manning: Strange Little Blues
Danielle Dax: Everyone Squeaks Gently

Last song

Courage of Lassie: Who’ll Stop The Rain?


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Playlist of The Kitchen Bang Bang Law, broadcast 30 Oct 18 on CKUT FM

marc gagnon malachi vale 2018First set

Joanna Newsom: Have One on Me (Austin City Limits 2011)
Bob Dylan: Visions of Johanna (take 7)

The Malachi Vale set

Eric Andersen: Time For My Returning
Interview with Malachi Vale pt. 1
Malachi Vale: The Kills
Interview with Malachi Vale pt. 2
Malachi Vale: Dixie
Interview with Malachi Vale pt. 3
Malachi Vale: Monday
Interview with Malachi Vale pt. 4
Murray McLauchlan: Billy McDaniels
Van Morrison: Caravan Redo (take 3)

Third set

Buddy Holly: Brown-Eyed Handsome Man
Johnny Cash: Born to Lose
Ian & Sylvia: C.C. Rider
Neil Young: World on a String (Roxy September 1973)
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young: Homeward Through the Haze (16 Dec 74)
Ralph McTell: Last Train and Ride
Buffy Sainte-Marie: Fixin’ to Die
Mahalia Jackson: Oh Lord, Is It I?
Pete Seeger: Little Birdie (Children’s Concert at Town Hall)
Joan Baez: Fennario (live)
The Chieftains: The Timpan Reel
Allan Stivell: Ffarwel I Aberystwyth / Mairseal A’ Chearc
Sandy Denny: Crazy Lady Blues (BBC September 1971)
Robyn Hitchcock: You Remind Me Of You

Last song

Anna & Elizabeth: Black Eyed Susan


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casa del popolo card

Five fifty five or five to six in the morning –
Dark at this time of year.
It’s an old burnt sienna photo predawn,
The frustrated mystery of unacceptable exposures.

Thighs ache like walking thighs,
This darling dreamer lives the dream of the earlier ones.
Pretty and efficient like a Soviet poster girl,
Sleeves rolled and success comes in waves through the big glass door
Until it’s too much money,
Too many bodies pressing against her counter,
Late night and smoke drawing circles around her eyes.

It was a long time coming, this dream she’s living.
Its ease is the slow distillation of so many disappointments,
Set-backs, heartaches, divisions, distortions, losses, leavings, collapses.

Now is the time when these dancers dance.
Happy confusion of love, faces,
Abundance in the land of the poor artists.
Emptying ashtrays, filling bowls of corn chips,
Desire has arranged itself so.

– 23 Nov 2000

Playlist of The Kitchen Bang Bang Law, broadcast 23 Oct 18 on CKUT FM


First set

Joyful Talk: You Death March
Efrim Manuel Menuck: LxOxVx / Shelter in Place

Second set

Kinnie Starr: Feed The Fire
Elisapie: Rodeo (Yadi Yada)
Neneh Cherry: Twisted / I’ve Got You Under My Skin
Shabazz Palaces: Moon Whip Quäz (feat. Darrius)
Tupac Shakur: I Wonder if Heaven Got a Ghetto
Run The Jewels: Jeopardy
Cozy: Get Used To Me
Adam and The Ants: Antmusic
Bronski Beat: Close to the Edge
The Communards: Johnny Verso

Third set

The Human League: You Remind Me Of Gold
The Pretenders: Light of the Moon
The Fall: Pat-Trip Dispenser
Fucked Up: None of Your Business Man
Not Of: Watch Him They Said
DOA: You Can’t Stop Me
The Faps: Big Brown Town
Christof Migone: Erase Head
Jenny Hval & Susanna: Dawn
Carla Bozulich: Gonna Stop Killing
Thalia Zedek Band: What I Wanted
P.J. Harvey: I’ll Be Waiting
Nico: König (Rotterdam 9 Oct 85)

Last song

Tim Hecker: A Sodium Codec Haze


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Playlist of The Kitchen Bang Bang Law, broadcast 16 Oct 18 on CKUT FM


First set

Cabaret Voltaire: Ghost Talk
Singers & Players: Reaching the Bad Man (extended)

Second set

The Byrds: Mr. Tambourine Man (single mix)
Neil Young: Candy Barr Intro / Albuquerque (Roxy September 1973)
The Byrds: Eight Miles High (single mix)
Mecca Normal: Now They’ll Know (demo)
The Mekons: Sorcerer
Thalia Zedek Band: Bend Again
Kris Kristofferson: If It’s All The Same to You
Elasapie: Wolves Don’t Live By The Rules (feat. Joe Grass)
Joyful Talk: Kill Scene
Grouper: Birthday Song
John Cale: Part 2, The Unknown OST

Third set

Nilsson: Lazy Moon
P.J. Harvey: Darling Be There (B-side)
Land of Talk: Blangee Blee
Jennifer Castle: Grim Reaper
Slapp Happy: Halfway There
Billy Bragg: To Have and Have Not
Eric Burdon & The Animals: San Francisco Nights
Obuxum: Dunkin Vibrations
Fishbone: Bonin’ New and Improved
Mos Def: Murder of a Teenage Life
John Cale: The Sleeper

Last song

The Faps: Hash Pipe by Weezer by The Faps


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len cohen nashville 1968He spoke to a melancholy in me, made it real. A seriousness, a studiedness I’d put down and buried with rock and roll cynicism and ironic doubt … he turned that card over, showed the shadowed face of midnight, doubt, fear, obsession, desire deep and abiding, the very essence of being, the depth and breadth of what I could possibly be. What anyone is, in their own possibility. So, he validated what was so consistently joshed and jested and joked out of existence. So, I discovered a kind of humourlessness; that found in the finding of oneself as one is, as one could be. Then, it’s a serious world. A melancholy world. A world to find like a card face down, and turn over. Until I was drowning and drowned in it, in seriousness, in melancholy, in the world, in myself as I was and myself as I could not be. And yet so young – I was still so young and had to find what made me laugh again. What could tap that cold hard rock and let the wellspring of life bubble up again. One side, another side. He didn’t show me that, I think.

– February 3, 1997